Alps’ base camp

Wild and Accessible

High mountain for everyone

Since 1909

Providing you the best feelings

Big wall climbing in Ailefroide

Right in the middle of the Écrins’ national park, Ailefroide offers a wide range of big routes.

Sportive Hiking

We invite you to get off the beaten tracks and discover some of the most beautiful and unknown peaks in our country.

Autonomy Alpinism course, introduction "All included"

This course will allow you to learn the basics of mountaineering. Rope, safety, movement, autonomy.

Autonomy Alpinism course, confirmed "All Included"

Autonomy training course for mixed races. Pedagogical content and programme adaptable to the level and expectations of the participants.

Integral Via Ferrata of the Gorges of Ailefroide

Wonderful, playful, varied and sportive Via Ferrata with easy parts to rest, overlooking the glacial stream.

Traverse of the Pointe des Cinéastes 3203 m

The most accessible of the edges of the triptych of the Glacier Blanc, very rightly named. Make your pics!

The Fissure d’Ailefroide

Historical route of the Village of Ailefroide, the Fissure gives its name to the entire sector.

Traverse of the Dents de Coste Counier 3025 m

One of the most beautiful rock ridge’s crossing of the Pays des Ecrins at this level of difficulty.

Pointes des Trifides

Une des plus belles arêtes du massif ! Impressionnante et aérienne, elle offre des vues incroyables sur la face Nord de la Meije. Tout cela au départ du mythique téléphérique de la Grave.